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The Top 10 Most Controversial Cartoons of all Time

Childhood years would not be as amazing as it is when there is no cartoons to watch every time your parents does not allow you to go out from your house. As time goes by, you grew together with these cartoons. It is really so amazing that the cartoons that you used to see before are the same cartoon shows that you children and your grandchildren are watching. Luckily, there are still amazing yet controversial cartoon shows that stayed over time. There are actually new cartoons that are made these days but there nothing can actually compare to the joy and happiness that old cartoons provide to every your children. Here it the list of the cartoons so that you will know more about the top 10 most controversial cartoons of all time.


10.  Speedy Gonzales

 This is a cartoon series of a mouse. This was criticized for its racial stereotypes and prejudices. Spectators do not agree on the theme of the cartoon. The cartoon is definitely vivacious but it does not bring good character to the children. This cartoon is actually from the Warner Brothers Looney Tunes and Melodies series of cartoons. All the other works of Warner Brothers are actually very amazing. In fact, many children love their cartoon shows.


9. South Part and Scientology

This cartoon is not originally controversial in some of its episodes. It became controversially during the release of their 12th episode entitled “Trapped in the Closet.” This became the topic of the most people and became controversial to many. The thing that made it more controversial is when the creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone tell dryly that they are servants of the Lord Xenu.


8. Aladdin

Aladdin is actually one of the best tales to tell, yet it is also one of the most controversial cartoons. There are some portions of the story that create double meanings. Some people think it the other way around that causes some controversial issues about the cartoon. They actually misinterpreted some of the lines that Aladdin said. Aside from that, the accents of the language that are used also contribute to a strong controversy.


7. Pokemon Panic

Pokemon is such a nice and very interesting cartoon but this cartoon is actually facing a life time controversy. Not all of the episodes of Pokemon cause its controversial issues. In fact, only one episode made it super controversial. This happened when there was a great blast of red and blue light effects that affect the health of the audience.


6. Family Guy and Sarah Palin

One of the episodes of this cartoon made a great controversy about the people who have Down Syndrome. The episode was entitled “Extra Large Medium,” where of the characters of the show is suffering this illness. The cartoon showed some unethical actions towards the people who have Down Syndrome, just like making fun of them. This is really one of the reasons why the cartoon is one of the most controversial of all time.


5. The Boondocks

This is an American animated series that is created by Aaron McGruder. This cartoon became one of the most controversial of all time because of its unapologetic and unpopular issues about race, politics, terrorism and the September 11 attacks. One of the character names in the cartoon also contributes to more controversial issues of this cartoon. There are still other things that made this cartoon very controversial.

4. Song of South

This is such a nice and an amazing cartoon that is produced by Walt Disney. It was not been showed in USA because Disney executives believe that these movie does not contribute any good in America. The film contained some topics that are about racist and politically wrong. Indeed, the film was successfully released in other countries. This was not released in USA because it will just bring up some controversial issues.


3. The Simpson


“The Simpson” is an American animation that shows how a middle class American family lives. You will surely enjoy the series but when you take a look at it, it does not really show some moral values within the family. There are lots of controversies arise from this series. It does not really show an appropriate matter that a family should possess, hence it elicits a poor role model for children. These are some of the reasons why this show is one of the most controversial cartoons of all time.



2. The Censored Eleven

This cartoon was not really showed on television because it was withheld due to the depicted black people in the cartoon. They were not released because they believed that the modern viewers will not appreciate the presence of the black people in the show. This cartoon was only presented in theater and after that, the cartoon was not anymore released and showed to the public. The presence of the black people in the show contributes to the controversial issues about it.


1. South Park and Muhammad

This is a cartoon series that is satirizing Muhammad. This cartoon leads to a wide spread of agitations, protest, aggressive demonstrations and threatening to the artist. The artist of this cartoon is Trey Parker.  He is actually the director and the writer of the cartoon. The suppression of the cartoon definitely brings criticism against Comedy Central. These are actually some of the reasons why that made this cartoon as one of the most controversial cartoons of all time.

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