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The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

Do you love dogs? Most people really love to have a pet dog. Dogs are very friendly and very loyal to their master. You can even train them to do something unusual and very unique. It is really true that “dogs are man’s best friend,” you cannot find someone who is as loyal as your dog. Dogs are actually one of the trusted animals that can be your assistant wherever you are. There are dogs that are so cute and very lovely. There are also other dogs that really look scary and very brave. There are a lot of breed of dogs and in fact, there are dangerous dogs that you really need to be careful with. When you take care with your dogs, make sure that you are treating them the way they want you to take care of them. There is nothing to worry if your dogs are behave and very diligent. Dogs are actually very scary because they have sharp teeth that can bite you anytime. Be careful in caring your dogs because not all are harmless and loyal. The following are list of most dangerous dogs that you need to watch out.


10. Dalmatian

When you talk about Dalmatians, you can immediately identify them because of their black spots all over their body. They grow as much as 20-24 inches and weight 40-70 pounds. Dalmatians are quite big and tall. They love to play around, thus they are very active and very energetic. They are actually the symbol of English fireman because of their great agility.


9. Boxer

Boxer is a dog that is very strong with somewhat a square face and body. A boxer is not so tall yet they have a large body structure. This dog is very aggressive, thus you really need to make sure that they are not playing with some strangers because they might be too dangerous. They actually love to walk but when you walk with them, never forget the leash so that you have some control over them.


8. Presa Canario

When you are looking for a dog that is about 100-125 pounds and with a height of 25-26 inches, you are exactly looking for Presa Canario. These dogs were trained for hunting and for war. These dogs are actually very tough and strong. They are not afraid to face any danger and attack any suspicious strangers. Presa Canario dogs are actually one of the most dangerous breed of dogs.


7. Saint Bernard

Dogs are actually very lovely to look at especially when they are so hairy. Saint Bernard dogs are amazingly big and so hairy. You will surely be deceived by their looks because they really look so kind and very diligent. They are not as playful as the other dogs; instead they want peace and quiet environment. They are very strong and need your full attention. Saint Bernard really need much of your time cause if not, they might be so dangerous.


6. Great Dane

When can you say that Great Dane dogs are dangerous? Great Danes are actually very amazing and majestic animals with a kind and loving nature.  They love to play around with children and other members of the family. Great Dane also loves to walk and does not care with the other dogs. They are actually having a large body structure but they don’t look scary. They become one of the dangerous dogs because they are used to be a dog fighter and a hunter of some mammals.


5. Chow Chow

Many dog lovers really like to have chow chow. Chow chow dogs are very lovely and very cute. They are small and very hairy, just like your favorite stuff toy. This dog is so independent and focuses on its own needs. They really need some physical activities and communication, even if they are not so active and aggressive. Chow chow is actually a breed that used to be a hunter and helper of shepherds, thus this makes it one of the most dangerous dogs.


4. Doberman Pinscher

Once you see these dogs, you really need to stay far from them because you will never know whether they like you or not. Doberman Pinscher is actually one of the dangerous dogs that you really need to be careful with and if you pet them, you really need to give them the proper care that they really need and deserve. They are very intelligent and a fighter. They can easily identify some unusual things around that may lead to some dangers.


3. Alaskan Malamute

Malamute is such a friendly dog but they are not as friendly as what you think of. They prefer to live out from the city because they are sometimes violent and energetic. They love to move around and play most of the time because they always in need of physical activity. Alaskan malamute is a working dog, thus they are used to a cold climate.  Although, these dogs are friendly but it does not mean that they are not dangerous.


2. Husky

Husky is quite a dangerous dog, thus they are not recommended for fist timers who want to have a dog as their pet. They are fearful and do not afraid of cold weather. Aside from that they are loving and very active. These dogs are used to transport goods on a sleigh, thus they are very diligent. These dogs really look so cute with their attractive eyes and they really like to howl on the moon together with the other members of the breed.


1. Rottweiler

Not all dogs are lovely and cute; there are others that really look so scary that you cannot even go near them. Rottweilers are dogs that some people do not find it attractive, yet most people really like to have these dogs. These dogs are very powerful and have a strong jaw that used as their primary protection. They are the best guards that you really need. Rottweilers are fighters at heart, thus this only means that they don’t really like strangers and other dogs. These dogs are actually the most dangerous of all.

6 Comments on “The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

  1. Biker81
    March 11, 2013

    You rally have no clue of what you are talking about for most breeds you listed here.
    I Wish you (whomever you are) would do a better research before uploading your thoughts as if they were factual. “Boxer’s are agressive?? get real my friend.. you know nothing about dogs.
    Dangerous dogs?? Raise them right and proper training is all it takes even if you wanna have an “agressive” breed by nature. I will say that is not for everyone and people should know what they are getting and what it takes as far as training. See you should that Chihuahuas are one of the most agressive dogs.. they are the breed that bites the most in the US. the difference is the damage, not aggressiveness.. FUY – Rotties are not fighters – they are farm animals.. (cattle dogs). Look up the history of the breed.. One of the Most loyal dogs ever.

    • Stephanie Rossa
      September 15, 2014

      I agree 100 % with this comment. Dalmation…Dangerous? I’m sorry but I think this is a bit off the wall to believe this line up as there are a lot more dogs who have been scientifically labeled as dangerous than what is on this list. Looks like this list should have been named Top 10 most Energetic Dogs…

  2. Sonia
    June 15, 2013

    I have a rotti and he is just over 1 and and had him since a puppy and he is the most loving dog ever x like the saying goes dont judge a book by its cover…. I’m a true believer it’s the way the owner brings them up x and if anyone broke into my house with my kids and he protects us all I can say is bloody good luck to him!! Or me and my kids could of been in morgue!! That’s why there could guard dogs!!! But they still love so much ,,, can’t speak for everyone but my rotti loves me and my kids and they can do anything with him ….. Lets just say there’s always a bad apple on the tree …. But my Sam isn’t one of them … X

  3. Brandon
    June 20, 2013

    WHAT! You didn’t mention Pitbull! That isn’t right! Just this morning, one tried to get to my brother! And if tey taste i.e. human blood, they will go after Humans non-stop for their blood! I call them vampires for that reason! That is also why they are good for hog hunting, but don’t play with them! They will try to get you after that!

  4. Brandon Nichols
    February 12, 2014

    That’s true I have had 3 pitbulls an I had one mixed with Rottweiler an they all were lovable companions an Including the one that was mixed with Rottweiler the were all big baby they love play they are really nice dogs when u bring them up right

  5. preetham
    February 18, 2014

    Hi,I want some information about breeds

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