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The Top 10 Most Depressing States in US

Almost all people are actually longing to become richer but there are also few people who are already contented on what they have right now. Living in a rich state will actually motivate you to work hard because you know that there is a great opportunity waiting for you. The condition of your state will actually matter a lot. If you are living in a state where all the resources are available, you are certainly very lucky. You will surely have a healthy state of mind.

On the other hand, some people are not as lucky as those who are in a wealthy state. There are actually a lot of people from other states who are unhappy with their lives, thus experiencing some depressive behavior  One of the factors that really affect the state of mind in a person is the economic condition of the community where they lived. If they live in a depressing state, then there would really be a great possibility that they will experience some economic problems in their lives that may lead to depression. The following are the top 10 most depressing states in US.


10. West Virginia

West Virginia is one of the states in US that are not in the city. There are actually lots of people in this state who experience too much depression with unknown reasons. Some experts assumed that this depression is caused mainly by the economic status of the state. In fact, many of the residents in this state are suffering from mental distress, thus they cannot immediately access mental health assistance since they are far from the clinic.


9. Tennessee

This state is supposed to be a very lively and very energetic one since the people living here is fun of making some country and blues songs. Tennessee is not really a state that full of happy and lively people, instead the opposite of emotions are the feelings that most people in this state experience. There are actually lots of residents in these states who are experiencing too much depression. Aside from that, most people are obese and diabetic, thus these illnesses will surely contribute to depression. In fact, Tennessee is one of the most depressing states in US.


8. Oklahoma

Not all states in US are so lucky because these are also other states that are experiencing too much depression brought by uncontrollable calamity. Oklahoma is really affected with severe weather that is why that state has no chance to overcome poverty. People are also affected by this situation that is why there are some who become mentally distress due to too much problems on their minds. These are actually some of the reasons why Oklahoma is included to the most depressing state.


7. Nevada

Nevada really seemed to be a rich country. There are a lot of bars and other establishments around the states and this state is always linked to partying, gambling and having a life that is free from any problems. Everything is not really true because Nevada is actually the opposite of all these things. Due to poverty, there are lots of residents who experience major depression and emotional distress.


6. Missouri

There are actually lots of residents in Missouri who are suffering from major depression and other forms of serious psychological distress. This is actually one the reason why this state is one of the most depressing states in US. Because of this increased rate of mental problems, the state is taking some actions in order to help treat those patients who mentally distress. They also train other professionals in order to know how to identify the symptoms of mental illness.


5. Mississippi

It is really hard to believe that this state is the poorest in the US. There are actually lots of people who really want to go in this state because of the great things that they heard about it. In fact, this state is really suffering from some illnesses that can hardly be cured. Certain conditions like obesity, heart disease and mental health disorders are very rampant in this state.


4.  Michigan

If you think that all states in US are all rich, well that is not true. In fact, there are lots of states that are suffering from poverty. Just like any other depressing states, Michigan is really trying its hard in order to surpass the poverty and crisis that the state is experiencing. This economic crisis really affects the mental health of the residents. Unemployment is actually one of the reasons why the people in Michigan are having some mental distress.


3. Kentucky

Kentucky is really a nice state but when it comes to the condition of their economy, they are actually depressing. More and more people are suffering from mental distress and major depression each day because of unemployment. The residents of this state become so anxious on how they will survive and feed their families. Aside from mental depression, drug abuse is also rampant in this state.


2. Indiana 

This state is really deteriorating. It is not only the status of the economy is depressing but also the mental health of the residents in this state. Due to increase unemployment, people in Indiana do not really know where to get some funds in order to stay alive each day. This condition might surely lead to mental distress and other major depression. People with these conditions will not be cured properly and right away because there is shortage of psychiatrists.


1. Arkansas

There are a lot of people in Arkansas who are having trouble figuring out how they can completely understand the situation of their state. There is really great poverty in this state, thus this really brings a negative effect to the lives of the residents. The number one result of this poverty is no other than depression. Others really experience mental distress and other forms of mental illness. Suicidal attempts are very common in this state. Arkansas is actually the most depressing state because of a high economic and health crisis of the state.


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