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The Top 10 Most Evil Men In History

 Every person is unique and view life differently. Some people really think that life on earth is simple and quite. There are also some who thinks the other way around. In fact, not all people really love a peaceful life, but there are also others who want war and cruelty in this world. You cannot control some people from thinking evil things because this might be their nature. These people are the ones that are hunger with power and fame. It is not necessary to become evil just to get what you want. Some men really became evil because of their selfish desire. Evil men really affect lives of the people around them.

All things that happened in this world are due to human actions and a result of their great minds. This is really the great time to stop for a while and think for the evil things that you have done just to achieve your selfish aims and ambitions. Try to compare your evil minds and actions with these 10 most evil men in history.


10. Attila the Hun

Attila that Hun is a warrior that rose from the plains of Southern Russia and Kazakhstan, thus spread terror across Europe together with his warriors. They are barbarians with tattooed faces and top-knotted hair, which made the citizens of Roman Empire experience extreme fear. Attila traveled all over Europe, from straits of Constantinople to Paris and from Northern Italy to Baltic Sea, and thus destroys everything that comes along their way.



9. King John

King John was once a king of England. He reign did not favor the residents of England. England lost duchy of Normandy during his time in power. This was not the only thing that made the people dislike him so much. People really consider him as “distasteful, even dangerous personality traits.” He was really cruel and spiteful to his people. Nobody really likes the way he rule England because he broke all his promises. He is actually one of the most evil men in history.



8. Gaius Caesar

He was famous with his name Caligula. Gaius Caesar was his real name and he was also included in the list of evil men in the history due to his Evil Emperor. He proclaimed himself as god. It was in the later part of his sovereignty that cruelty rule over the empire. He does do all the evil acts, like feeding the lions with the criminals and allowed the ringleaders of the rebellions to be sent in arenas with their tongues cut. This really made him one of those evil men in the history.



7. Adolf Hitler

He is the man who became famous of all time due to his evil actions and with his evil mind. He is also known for his name, “Fuhrer” and a German dictator that marked the world history. He was the leader of the Nazi Party that affects the life of the people. He rule his way that his subordinates cannot even stand with it. He does not make any written orders, instead he just say what he like to do with his countrymen.



6. Ida Amin Dada

Ida Amin Dada was in the British colonial regiment and took the power in the power in the military sector. He was actually the military leader and President of Uganda and then end up as the Field Marshal and Head of State. His citizens do not really like the way he rules. There were lots of human rights abuse and other killings all over the country. He was really a cruel leader that mismanage the economy of the country, thus all his desires really made him one of the evil men in history.


5. Ivan

Ivan became the Grand Price of Moscow after the death of his father. He is really one of the brutal leaders that rule his people. He has the power to kill anybody and even his son; he did not feel any fear in killing him. His name actually means “great” or “mighty” but it is translated as “terrible” just like him, he is really terrible in the way he rule his kingdom. He is really very cruel even to his own daughter that is why he became one of the evil men in history.


4. Nero

The time when Nero rules, there was a large chaos that happen all over Rome. There are different forms of crimes that are happening all around. The biggest of all crimes was the Burning of Rome. A fire broke out in Rome and lasted for six hours. This was actually one of the results of his evil mind. He was just playing a musical instrument while Rome was burning. He accused Christians for the acts and punished them severely. He was really an evil ruler of the country.


3. Saloth Sar

Right after the Vietnamese and American war, Saloth Sar rose to power. He is also known as Pol Patt, hence Saloth Sar is his real name. During his time of power, a lot of people were displaced and starving to death. He really rules his country in a very cruel way that lead his countrymen die without any relevant reasons. His communist plan really damaged the livelihood and lives of the people. He is really an evil man who does not care about the people whom he tortured.


2. Vlad Tepes

Vlad III, also known as Vlad the Impaler, is the prince of Wallachia. It is somewhat amazing to know the Dracula tale was inspired by his personalities and his attitudes. He really like to torture and love to see some people suffering. Throughout the years that he reigned, it was noted that there were 30,000 to 320,000 who were found dead without any reason. He was noted to be one of the most evil men in history because he does not really feel mercy looking for the people whom he tortured before killing them.


1. Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin is the most evil man of all time and in the history. There were really no actions that made his people benefit from his decisions. Instead there were a lot of people who died due to his direct political and administrative decisions. He does not welcome any foreign aid in his country. During his time of power, it was estimated that there were 10 to 60 million people who were murdered and tortured.


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