The Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Ohio

Are you ready to explore the most haunted places in Ohio? Ohio means  “great river.” You will surely enjoy traveling around Ohio when you are familiar with its haunted places. Ohio is a very nice and wonderful place to live. Just like other places in the world, Ohio has its own places of wonder and full of mysteries. Your travel through Ohio would definitely be more exciting and more challenging if you visit these places. These stories will surely scare you, but it is really up to you to believe them. Some people would not really come near any of these places due to the fact that these ghosts stories or these ghosts will actually scare anyone and everybody who come to the place.  Aside from these great places of wonder, there are also other amazing things that you will see in this place.


10. Mudhouse Mansion

This mansion is located in Fairfield County, Ohio, just east of the city of Lancaster.  This mansion is already abandoned,  it has developed a reputation as a haunted house. The story that really frightened most of the people is about a slave who dug himself free and killed the entire family. Another horror story is the mass-murder of a more recent family who lives in the mansion. This house is haunted by a woman who killed her children.


9. Old Xenia Road Woods

This is a patch of woods at the corner the Old Xenia and Roberts Mill Road, just south of London,  known as one of the haunted places in Ohio. The people driving at night  saw a woman’s ghost walking aimlessly among the trees. This made the place creepy and very scary. You better not  travel at night in this place, especially when you are alone.



8. Beaver Creek

This creek is located in and near East Liverpool, some people called it a ghost town. This is the largest haunted site in the State. There are lots of creepy and scary stories about this creek. One of the builders’ daughters of the canal is the one that haunts the place. It is said that her ghost still wanders the canal crying because she still wants to join her mother who was buried in this place. This site is one of the most haunted places in Ohio.


7. Mansfield Reformatory

This reformatory is really amazing, it is made up of three architectural styles. Aside from that extravagant structure, there are also some interesting stories and events that happened in Mansfield Reformatory.  This is one of the most haunted places in Ohio because of the ghosts’ events that happened in this place. There are ghosts that are moving all over this place.


6. Lima Tuberculosis Hospital

Abandoned places are actually one of the best spots where ghosts can freely move all over the place. Lima Tuberculosis Hospital is one of those abandoned places in Ohio that is haunted by ghosts. The legend says that there are ghosts of tuberculosis victims, they will follow you on your trip through the hospital and always remain a few steps behind you. You cannot really see them but you can definitely feel their presence. These are just few of the scary but true things that are happening inside this abandoned building.


5. River Styx Bridge

This haunted place has a great history. This is about an engineer who died when the engine of the train that he’s driving mysteriously jumped off the tracks, turned over and crushed. No one really knows about the cause of the accident. Strange events and some unusual things  that are happening near the River Styx Bridge were reported since the accident happened.



4. The Higginsport School

This is the Higginsport’s old public school that has lots of architectural relics from the era which still stand in town along the river. This Higginsport School became one of the most haunted places in Ohio because of the strange voices that are heard inside the school. It is said that there was a man burned badly by the boiler and died in the basement. This school has not been used for most of the year.



3. Elizabeth Grave, Mt. Union-Pleasant Valley Cemetery

This is about Elizabeth’s Grave which is located in the Mount Union-Pleasant Valley Cemetery. According to the legend, a tombstone of a woman named Elizabeth will move through different locations within the cemetery. There are several variations of the story. One said that Elizabeth hang herself from a tree located in the rear of the cemetery. There are still other creepy stories about this woman. This cemetery is one of the most haunted places in Ohio.



2. Franklin Castle, Cleveland

Franklin Castle is a historical house located at 4308 Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighbourhood. This house is known to be one of the most haunted place in Ohio. There are lots of ghosts in this house. Several tragedies and scary things happened inside this house. There is a pile of baby skeletons that was found in a small room of the house. There are also other terrifying events that would surely frighten you.


1. Swift’s Hollow, Vermilion

The horror stories that are moving around will surely makes you scream. Swift’s Hollow was actually named after the mansion owner, Joseph Swift.  This place was called Gore orphanage when it was run by Old Man Gore. He abused and mistreated the orphans. It was believed the he killed some children and buried them in and around the orphanage. When there was a fire, instead of helping the children, he just let the children suffer and die. The ghosts of these children are actually haunting the place, this place is one of the most haunted place in Ohio.





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