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The Top 10 Most Livable Cities in America

Most of the people from other countries are actually planning to live and stay in America for good. America is really a great country where there are lots of opportunities that awaits you there. But, not all the states and cities in America are wealthy that you can really have all the luxury in life. When you want to go in this country, make sure that you know the exact place where you can live a life that you are once expected. America is actually composed of different states with great cities. These cities are one of the factors that makes this country more civilized and more industrialized. You will surely live a productive live in this country, especially when you are staying in one of the most livable cities in this country. If you are not aware of the top 10 most livable cities in America, here is a list of those cities.


10. Annapolis

Maryland is actually one of the most livable places in America. Its capital city is Annapolis which is the home of St. John’s College. The state actually ranks high in the economic confidence. The residents of this state are really aware about their local economy and where it is headed. Annapolis is definitely one of the best places that you can stay where you have great assurance for your future.


9. Pierre

This is not just any other city but it is the Pierre in South Dakota. This place is actually one of the most livable cities in America. Worry no more because you really have an assurance that you can find the right job just for you in this place. There is a high employment rate in South Dakota. Surely, you will not get bored looking around the place since the environment is really nice.


8. Honolulu

Everybody really likes to live in a relaxing and very luxurious place. You will surely never regret if you choose to stay in Honolulu, Hawaii. This state provides great things for you, from education up to job offers. You future is actually much secured in this state. Aside from that, that place is very amazing since it is surrounded with beautiful beaches. This place is actually one of the most livable cities in America.


7. Iowa

There is no other city that is as healthy as this one since this Iowa is actually free from any kind of pollution. There is no reason that you will not be satisfied to live in this place because everything is well-prepared so that you will stay well and free from any form of illnesses. Most people really want to migrate in Iowa because they are pretty sure that life would be amazing in this place.



6. Richmond

If you are given a chance to choose a city, make Richmond as the number one in your list. Richmond belongs to Virginia, thus this only means that this city belongs to a dynamic way of living. Almost everybody in this place is employed and the state is also offering the best education. The economic state of the state is continuously growing, thus this is one of the most livable cities in America.



 5. Bismarck

You can be in Bismarck if you are in the state of North Dakota since this is its capital city. You will definitely be amazed with the full-time employment that they provide to the people living in this state. The place is really one of the most livable cities in America because most immigrants from other places are actually very happy enjoying the benefits that they get from the government.



 4. Lincoln

What do you really seek when you want to transfer from one place to the other? Most people would definitely say that they are looking for the right job with the right pay. Well, you are definitely very lucky if you are able to live and stay in one of the cities of Nebraska. Lincoln is actually one of the most livable cities in America where you can have an assurance of your future.



3. Colorado

Looking for a city where you can live a healthy life? Colorado is the only answer for his concern. As proof, there is actually a low rate of obesity in this city and thus most people live a healthy lifestyle. You can be one of these people if you want to stay and live in this city. Colorado is actually one of the most livable cities in America because it really offers lots of opportunities to the people who want to live in this city.



2. Saint Paul

When you want to live in America, you better choose the state that can provide you what you need. Minnesota is one of the states that offer great opportunities to its residents and to those people who wants to live and work in this state. Saint Paul is the capital city of this state, thus you never fail to find a job in this city that will surely fit your abilities and skills.



1. Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital city of Utah and a gateway of great opportunities. You will never regret if you choose to live in this city because lots of amazing things are actually over flowing. The residents in this city will actually give you a warm welcome, thus you will never feel out of alone and aloof. This is actually the most livable city in America because everything is already in this place, from a nice environment, friendly people up to job opportunities.

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