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The Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Security and safety are two of the most important things that you really need to have in your life. The world you are dealing with is full of challenges and trials. There are some instances that you feel unsafe when you are walking alone along the streets, thus there are a lot of people who think that there is really no way to escape from this fear, but this is actually not true. If you have a pet dog, then surely it will make your life more secured and safety. Dogs will always be loyal to you and that they will always protect you from danger. Love your dogs because in return, they will also love you and care for you more than what you expect from them. There are so many breeds of dogs and all of them have unique characteristics. Try to check the following if your pet dog belongs to the top most loyal dog breeds.



10. Beagle

This cute little dog will surely make your day become fabulous and exciting. Beagle is one of the most loyal breed dogs because they actually have a steadfast devotion to please their owners. They are intelligent and obedient. Although they are so small, you can still train them to do some extreme tricks that other dogs are doing. Beagle is such a kind and gentle dogs that is why you do not have to worry taking care of it.



9. Golden Retriever

You think that your Golden Retriever will become one of the scariest dogs, well, you might be right but they are not actually very scary. In fact, they are so lovely with their dangling ears and their golden long hair. You can train them and play with them all day long. They never get tired protecting you from suspicious strange things, thus this makes them one of the most loyal dog breeds.



8. St. Bernard

If you want an extraordinary size of a dog, you should choose St. Bernard. This dog is such very helpful and diligent. They are also extremely intelligent that knows how to focus, thus they have self-control. There are lots of exciting characters about this dog that will surely amaze you. You will not regret to choose this as your pet because they are actually one of the most loyal dog breeds ever since.




7. Cocker Spaniel

This little cute lovely dog is very loyal to their owners. When you think that their owner is in trouble, they will surely be there to rescue and do something right. They look so small but they agility is beyond their size. They are actually called as problem-solvers because of their high intelligence. They love to play around and consider itself as member of the family.



6. Boxer

There are no other dogs that can be as tough as a boxer. When you look at this dog, you can surely think that they are really dangerous because of their body structures. They are actually strong and a very loyal dog, thus if you are a stranger to them, do not attempt to go near them since they will surely attack you. Boxers always want to act in their owners’ best interests, and they can become fierce if necessary.


5. Doberman Pincher

When you are walking along the street and you see this Doberman Pincher approaching towards your direction, what would you feel? There is no doubt that you will be scared with this militaristic-looking dog. Although, if you have a Doberman Pincher, you will never feel this way because you know that they are loving and very obedient. They do not actually harm you, unless you are doing something suspicious. They are definitely a tough protector who will never leave you until the end.


4. German Shepard

When you are looking for smart dogs, you should add German shepherd on your list. You will never regret if you have one of these German shepherds because they are very loyal to their owners. They may look scary and dangerous but they are actually sweet and loving to the people they know. In fact, you will not experience any trouble training them on how to do some tricks because they are really intelligent and diligent, thus they are the most loyal dog breeds that most people really want to have.



3. Rough Collies

It is really hard to find another breed of dogs that can compare to the calm and steadfast sense of loyalty of rough collies and this made them one of the most loyal dog breeds. Most people really like this dog not only because of its loyalty but also to its cuteness. They are long-haired dog that is why they are sometimes called as long-haired collies. They are not so big yet not so small but they are medium to large size dog.



2. Mastiff

When you think that all large dogs are scary, well, think Mastiff differently. Mastiff is a large dog that often used as a guard. They are trusted to become guards because of their strong loyalty to their owners.  There are actually lots of kinds of mastiff, thus not matter what are their origins, still they are one of the most loyal dog breeds that you can rely on.




1. Labrador Retriever

You cannot really imagine that this cute little puppy of Labrador will become a tall as you are. Labrador is actually a type of gun dog since they attack strangers and other mysterious people. They are actually very loyal to their owners and in fact, they are one of the most loyal dogs. This dog is very friendly and loves to play. Guiding the blind people is actually one of the best traits of this dog.







4 Comments on “The Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

  1. Kitty R
    August 24, 2013

    Why isn’t Rottweiler included here ? We have a loyal 2 year old Rottweiler, smart, good guard dog. Many others know that most Rottweilers are loyal companions if trained and cared for by their owners. I can’t believe they are not even mentioned here, there must be some mistake.

    • RottieMOM
      March 11, 2015

      Rottweiler’s should defiantly be #1 on most loyal. My 7 year old is so sweet and loyal and is by my side every moment. She is a gentle giant who brightens everyone’s day who should meet her!

  2. Taz something
    February 17, 2014

    I think Rottweilers and pit bulls should be on this list. Just because a lot of people raise them wrong and mistreat them to the point that they are ferocious is not a representation of the breeds. These dogs are very loyal, and, unless raised badly, will only fight for their owners protection, or in self defense. Also, a lot of dogs here don’t actually attack anyone unless very scared and cornered. They will warn you of strangers, for sure, and are great dogs, but Labradors won’t even attack someone most of the time, as few have guard dog instincts. Same with goldens, except they are even more laid back.

  3. LabordorGirl
    March 18, 2015

    Labs desirve to be at the top I have two

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