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The Top 10 Most Misspelled Words

How ever smart you are, there are still chances that you can get wrong. No matter how you study and no matter how you practice, you can still be one of the people who are having some trouble writing the most misspelled words. The world is actually composed of different words from different languages. You can never understand some other people’s language if you do not know about it, thus English language serves as a bridge to help you communicate with the other races all over the world. Writing some English words is actually very confusing if you do not really know how to pronounce it or you are not really so familiar on how it is spelled. Spelling words is quite difficult but you will be used to it if you use them often. Words will not be meaningful words if you incorrectly spelled them. Check out whether you often spell correctly the top 10 most misspelled words.



How do you spell liaison? Some people spelled it in a wrong way, like they forgot to put an “I” in between “a” and “s.” Liaison is actually one of the most misspelled words since most students and professionals are not really familiar with the correct spelling of the word. Some people will actually misspell it due to mispronunciation. It is very important that you know how to pronounce a word so that you will also know how to spell it.



A lot of people are actually confused on how to spell “harass” correctly. Some people write it with double “r.” When writing something, you really need to make sure that you spell the words correctly so the person who is reading your message will not also be confused on the spelling of the word. Remember that the word “harass” has double “s” and not double “r.”



Studying the spelling useful or odd words during elementary will actually help you become expert in writing some of the difficult words. Difficult words do not only refer to the words that you can hardly pronounce but also to those words that are commonly misspelled. The word “embarrass” is actually one of the most misspelled words. Some people spell it with a single “r” or a single “s.”



The word “dependent” is such a very easy word, easy to pronounce and easy to spell. But, most people are having trouble in writing this word. They are not actually sure whether the word has double “p” or not. This is really the common mistake of some writers. The best thing that you can do if ever you are not sure with the spelling is to check the dictionary.



When you cannot pronounce the word correctly, you will surely end up into a misspelled word. The importance of correct pronunciation will actually be very significant when the moment comes that you have to write that word. You can never write “deductible” correctly if you do not know how to pronounce it. Some people really misspell the word, thus this is one of the most misspelled words.



Spelling words are quite easy if you are familiar with the word that you are spelling. If ever you are not used to write that word, there would really be a great possibility that you will have difficulty in writing the correct spelling of the word. One of the most misspelled words is “commitment,” since a lot of people spelled it with a single “m”. Well, I guess you just have to be committed to it.



Learning about the correct spelling of words is very important since it can make your sentences more meaningful and more significant. It is also very important that you are familiar with some of the confusing words so that there would be fewer tendencies that you will misspell them. “Argument” is actually one of the most misspelled words since a lot of people do not know how to pronounce it correctly.



If you think that you spelled “acknowledgment” correctly, you should check it in a dictionary because this tool will actually tell you whether you are right or not. Some people are really confused on how to write this word, whether the word has an “e” after the letter “g” or not. This word is actually one of the most misspelled words that you need to watch out. Unless you have a gadget by your side which would really be handy.



You cannot really say that your spelling is correct when you are in doubt with the way you spelled that word. A lot of people are actually having some trouble in writing the word “consensus”. It is very confusing whether it is “concensus” or “consensus”. “Consensus” is actually one of the most misspelled words that a lot of people are confused with. So, before you fall victim to this word, you better check this out.



Ever since, the word “accommodate” is actually the hardest word to write since a lot of people writes it incorrectly. Some people misspell it as “acommodate” and “accomodate”. You will surely be confused on what to write if ever you are not really sure with its correct spelling. You can never spell “accommodate” correctly if you do not check the correct spelling of this word, thus this word is the most misspelled word by most people.



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