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The Top 10 Most Popular Desserts in America

There is certainly no one in this world who can survive without eating. Food is one of the most important things that people really need as elementary science would tell us. There are so many kinds of food that you can choose on a daily basis. If you want to have a heavy meal, then you can have some rice and your favorite dish. If you just want to have a light meal, then you can have your favorite fruits or oats with you. One thing that is supposed to be included in each meal is your favorite dessert. It will surely complete you delicious meal, and will satisfy your hunger. Every person really has its own favorite dessert. In America though, here are ten of their most popular desserts.


10. Cheesecake

Who likes cheese? There is no doubt that a lot of people really love cheese. Cheesecakes are so delicious and it is such a perfect recipe for desserts. The presentation and the combination of the taste will actually vary on how it is prepared. There are some cheesecakes that are not so tasty and there are also others that are so cheesy. Nonetheless, this is one of the most popular desserts in America.


9. Cupcakes

When you have cupcakes on the table, for sure you will not have any problem with your desserts. Most people really want to have something to eat right after their full meal. During parties, you can actually prepare some cupcakes as your desserts, thus it will surely provide a very special meal. This is actually one of the purpose why there are cupcakes to be served, moreover, this is one of the most popular desserts in America.


8.  Gelatin Desserts

Children love to eat desserts. It is actually the most requested food by most children to their mother. Gelatin is somewhat very smooth and soft that is why there are so many mothers who prepare this for their children. Gelatin is not so sweet, thus there is nothing to worry for any tooth decays. Jell-O is the most common brands that are served as desserts.


7. Carrot Cake

A lot of people would really choose carrot cake for their desserts because this is not so sweet not too expensive. This is a very nutritious dessert since it is made up of carrots. You sure can serve this in any occasions. This kind of cake is actually served during special occasions as desserts. In fact, this is one of the most popular desserts in America.


6. Apple Pie

Apples are very rich in nutrients. You will surely stay healthy if you include this fruit in your life.  There are so many people who really love apples, thus there are so many recipes that were created with apple as their main ingredient. Apple pie is one of those best recipes that are made up of apples. This is actually one of the most popular desserts that are served in America.


5. Ice Cream

If you want something cold for desserts, then you can have some ice cream. This is actually one of the most popular desserts in the whole world. A family can enjoy their meal together, especially when there is an ice cream that is served as dessert right after a heavy meal. Ice cream is very common when there are children’s party since children really loves to eat ice cream. Indeed, nothing can ever beat the extraordinary taste of ice cream.


4. Brownies

Brownies are actually a versatile dessert that will surely provide you a very satisfactory meal. This food will really make everything really great. There are so many people who prefer brownies as their desserts since it has a unique taste that really makes you feel more contented with your dinner. There are actually lots of flavors to choose from this dessert. Americans love this too which is why it’s one of their most popular desserts.


3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

Most people really love to eat chocolates, but not really everybody really wants to serve some chocolates as their deserts since it does not really suit to a formal or in a romantic dinner. This is really one of the reasons why there are so many recipes of chocolates. Chocolate chip cookies are one of those most popular desserts that are made up of chocolates.


2. Chocolate Cake

One of the best desserts during parties or ordinary days is the chocolate cake. These are very delicious and have a very pleasant taste. It actually come in different taste depending on how it is prepared or how it is baked. Most American people really prefer to have a moist and sweet chocolate cake for their desserts.


1. Fudge

A lot of people cannot really resist eating this very delicious fudge. One regular square size of fudge is not really enough for those people who love this dessert. This is actually the most popular dessert in America since there are so many people young and old who really like this dessert. It would be greater if walnuts or macadamia nuts are added to it.


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