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The Top 10 Most Toxic Foods To Dogs

What kind of pet do you have? When you go to the park, you will see a lot of people who are bringing their pets along with them and most of these pets are dogs. Dogs are known to the world as “man’s best friend.” Dogs can be trusted, and they are very loyal to their owners especially if they are receiving the right care that they need. Taking care of your dogs is quite hard and very challenging. You will need to make sure that your dog trusts you so that they will not see you as strangers. Dogs are very sweet and so lovely. They will remain loyal to you whatever happens. Giving them what they need will also help make a strong bond between you and your dog. Dogs sure love to it, in some parts of the world a man can often be compared to dogs if their appetites are exceptional. Considering this fact, dogs are so vulnerable to toxic materials, not literally though. There are foods that may smell edible to them, but hides a lethal weapon that might end their lives. If you want to know what are these for your dog’s safety, here are 10 of the most toxic foods to dogs.


10. People Food

What you eat should not be given to your dogs since human foods and dog foods are very different. Too much fats, sugars and salt in your food makes it very dangerous to your dog. Ingestion of foods that contain some salt will cause electrolyte imbalances and presence of too much sugar will also cause them to become obese. Increased amount of protein in your dog’s diet will cause some digestive problems, pancreatitis, and liver function. If you’re that kind who always share what you have with you dog, you better think about it.


9. Raw Eggs

Raw eggs are included because they contain an enzyme called avidin. Avidin will restrict the absorption of biotin in the dog’s body,  leading to unhealthy coat and skin problems. The beautiful hair of your dog will really be affected when you let your dog eat some raw eggs. Aside from that, it carries salmonella that can be poisonous for your dogs.


8. Milk and Other Dairy Products

These foods have large amounts of lactose and unfortunately, dogs cannot digest these kind of foods because they do not have enough lactose enzyme that is responsible for the breakdown. Foods that contain too much lactose are one of the most toxic foods for dogs because your dog will surely suffer from indigestion and experience severe diarrhea. You probably might want to stop giving milk to your dogs by now.


7. Human Vitamins Containing Iron

Any medicine or vitamins that contain iron will surely damage the digestive system wall lining, kidneys and liver of your dog. It is not advisable that you  use any kind of vitamins that you think are good for your dogs. When you give some vitamins to your dogs, make sure that these vitamins are for dogs. Vitamins for humans are actually one of the most toxic foods that should be avoided for your dogs.


6. Large Quantities of Liver

Too much of something is definitely bad, thus giving large amount of liver to your dogs will surely make them feel weak. This food is actually one of the most toxic foods for your dogs because it can actually lead to Vitamin A toxicity. Make sure that you are aware of the foods that your dogs are eating so that you can prevent any danger that might affect the health of your dogs.


5. Mushrooms

Just like in humans, these foods are very dangerous for dogs. It can definitely affect some systems of the body. Mushrooms will surely poison the health of your dog. Eating this kind of food can cause severe shock to your dogs and it can even be the cause of death of your dog. Never feed your dog any mushrooms so that you will have an assurance for its safety.


4. Macadamia And Other Nuts

Be careful in feeding your dogs because not all foods are healthy for them. Macadamia and other nuts are actually considered as toxic foods that you should not offer to your dogs. These foods contain some toxins that can damage the digestive system, nervous system and muscular system of a dog. These are such important systems in your dogs mechanism, complications might even lead to their death.


3. Grapes And Raisins

Dogs are not allowed to eat some grapes and raisins because it can end the life of your lovely dogs. These are one of the most toxic foods that you should not give to your dog. Grapes and raisins can damage one of the major organs in the body, the kidney. Feeding your dog grapes and raisins will cause some kidney failure, which as in the human system, is one of the most vital organs that needs to be preserved.


2. Onions And Garlic

Onions and garlic are one of the spices that really make your food become so delicious. It is very surprising that these foods are not allowed for your dogs. You should not feed your dogs onions or garlic because it can cause severe damage of the red blood cells, thus leading to anemia. The sulfoxides and disulfides are the ones making it very toxic to your dogs.


1. Chocolate And Anything With Caffeine

This favorite dessert of a mass number of individuals aren’t that good for dogs. In fact, you should take away all the chocolates if ever you have dogs around because these are very toxic to their health. The presence of theobromine really makes this food very dangerous since it can cause severe digestive problems. Aside from that, it can lead to sudden death if you fail to treat your dogs during the event.

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