The Top 10 Most Venomous Spiders

Wherever you go, you will surely meet these amazing yet sometimes very dangerous creatures. These creatures are no other than the spiders that can survive anywhere. There are different kinds of spiders and they are also in different sizes. There are some people who really like to pet them, but there are also other people who are intensely afraid to them. The spiders are believed to have venom and this venom is seriously very poisonous. It can actually kill you once you are bitten by these spiders. Actually, not all spiders are venomous. The pain that you feel from non-venomous spiders will just last for an hour. If a venomous spider bites you, there is no doubt that you will feel an extreme pain for more than 24 hours. The venom of the spiders will actually attack either you nervous system or the vital organs of the body. Here are the top 10 most venomous spiders that you really need to know so that you can avoid them once you see them.



10. Yellow Sac Spider

These spiders are usually pale in color with an abdomen that varies from yellow to beige. The size of these spiders ranges from 5-10 mm. You can rarely see this kind of spiders because they are not really common in all countries. When you are attacked by these spiders, you will surely experience infection in some organ system since their venom is said to be necrotic.



9. Fringed Ornamental Tarantula

These spiders will actually extend up to 7 inches. You can surely see these spiders in Southeastern India since this is where they naturally live. You really need to be careful when you see one of these spiders because they are quite dangerous. Fringes Ornamental Tarantula is actually one of the most venomous spiders in the world.



8. Chinese Bird Spider

Chinese Bird Spider is the name given to those tarantulas that are found in the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam. This kind of spider is also known as the earth tiger. These spiders are quite large and have a leg span that extend up to 8 inches. Their venom is frequently lethal in small doses to laboratory animals.



7. Mouse Spider

If you want to see lots of mouse spiders, all you need to do is to explore Australia since this spider is indigenous in this place. These spiders are quite small that ranges from 1 cm to 3 cm, thus their carapace is glossy. They look so cute but very dangerous since they can poison you with their venom. In fact, this little creature is one of the most venomous spiders in the world.




6. Chilean Recluse Spider     

The Chilean recluse spider is considered to be the most dangerous among the recluse spiders. They are also known as the corner spider or the brown spider. Their bite is can really kill you because it poisons you with their venom that affects your organ system. They will surely bite you when they happen to pressed against your skin. This spider is actually one of the most venomous spiders.



5. Redback Spider

When you see this kind of spider, you can surely say that this is one of the most elegant spiders in the world. But, you really need to be careful handling this spider because it is such a venomous spider. The kind of venom that it carries is actually neurotoxic, thus it can cause significant morbidity and death.




4. Black Widow Spider      

This is the best known member of the Latrodectus genus. It is actually one of the most venomous spiders in the world that is very dangerous to humans. Its bite can will surely makes you suffer from the condition called latrodectism because its venom carries neurotoxin latrotoxin. This toxin can seriously kill you.



3. Sydney Funnel-Web

This spider is an Australian funnel-web spider. If you are bitten by this spider and left untreated, you will surely experience severe injury, thus leading to death. This is medium in size that ranges from 1 to 5 cm. Its venom contains atracotoxin, an ion channel inhibitor, which is very toxic to humans and monkeys.




2. Six-Eyed Sand Spider

This kind of spider is commonly found in desert and other sandy places in Southern Africa. This spider is actually included in the most venomous spiders in the world. The venom of this spider is particular potent, with a powerful haemolytic/necrotoxic effect that causes blood vessel leakage, thinning of the blood and tissue destruction.



1. Brazilian Wandering Spider

The most venomous spider is no other than Brazilian Wandering spiders. These spiders are commonly found in South and Central America. The venom of these spiders contain a potent neurotoxin, which is known as PhTx3. In large amount, this kind of toxin causes the moss of muscle control and breathing problems, resulting to paralysis and eventual asphyxiation. In severe cases, it toxins can definitely kill you.

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