The Top 10 Most Wanted Female Bodies

Every woman in this world really wants to be someone who really wants to be. You might be one of those woman and thus, you are not contented of who you really are. When you see other females going around the city, you will surely feel conscious about the way you look and how you manage yourself. You do not really need to be insecure because you actually have your own style of beauty. Your beauty is beyond everything. Do be envy to those women whom you see more beautiful and sexier than you are. Instead, make them as your inspiration that you want to have a female body or beauty just like them. Most women are not actually contented with their body figure. Being fat and thin or slim is really an issue to them. The following are actually the women who have the most wanted female bodies.



10. Minka Kelly

Minka is an American actress who is also the daughter of the former Aerosmith guitarist. She became famous in her roles in “Charlie’s Angels,” “Friday Night Lights” and “The Roommate.” She is totally gorgeous and very beautiful. In fact, she is one of the most females who have nice and perfect body. She has nice butt and big boobs that really fit her size.



9. Olivia Wilde

This woman is really one of the females who really look so nice and sexy with their bodies. She is really hot and very seductive. Most men really love her and there are also lots of women who really appreciate her body. She is an American actress and fashion model. When you see her, you will surely be surprised on how sexy and hot she is. Her body really makes her more attracted to men and thus, there are lots of women who wants to have the same curves with her.



8. Natalie Portman

You will never realize how courageous you are if you will always compare yourself to other people. Complaining about your body structure will not really give you confidence to be proud of what you are. Natalie Portman is actually one of the most wanted female bodies that most women really admire because of his sexy body. Aside from being a sexy lady, she is also a woman who is good in acting and portraying her role in movies.



7. Rosie Huntington Whiteley             

Some people might not know about this young lady who is included in the most wanted female bodies. She is an English model who is known for her work as lingerie retailer of Victoria’s Secret and Burberry. She is really hot and super sexy, thus a lot of men really likes her. She really looks so perfect on stage while modelling.



6. Kate Middleton

Kate is the wife of Prince William, duke of Cambridge. A lot of people really admire the beauty and elegance of Kate. She looks so simple yet very sexy and stunning. There are so many women who really like to have the same body structure with her, thus this really made her as one of the most wanted female bodies in the world.



5. Mila Kunis

Your body is actually the key to become sexy. This is what really others believe and thus they really compare themselves if ever to maintain their sexy body, just like Mila Kunis. This woman really looks so pretty with her sexy body that can surely seduce men. No matter what she wears, she still looks very sexy.



4. Kim Kardashian        

Pretty lady with a sexy body is the only thing that men wish for. Indeed, most women really want to look super sexy just like Kim Kardashian. It is really hard to maintain a sexy figure, but Kim really made it. She is totally very sexy with big boobs that really fit to her sexy body. She is actually one of the most wanted female bodies that really inspire other women to keep themselves sexy.



3. Rooney Mara

You actually have your own criteria in considering a woman to become one of the most wanted female bodies. But, the most typical body that a woman wishes for as the body of Rooney Mara. She is really fit and super sexy, especially when she wears something that really shows some parts of her body.



2. Sofia Vergara

Indeed, Sofia Vergara really meets the dream of most women, which is having a perfect body. In fact, she is one of the most wanted female bodies since there are so many women who want to have the same figure with her. Her body really makes her look so gorgeous and beautiful that a lot of men admire her so much.



1. Kate Upton

Katherine “Kate” Upton is an American model and actress. At her young age, she already achieves lots of things that most women really wanted for. She is really so beautiful and her sexy body really makes her more attractive. No matter what she wears, she still looks so hot and very seductive, thus is makes her as the most wanted female body. She is totally perfect with big boobs and a nice but. This is all what a woman wanted for her body, thus no men will never say no with a woman with this body.



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