The Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes for Men

 What really makes a man notable? There are so many different kinds of shoes that you can see everywhere. You cannot really say what kind of shoes are the best since there are a lot of shoes to choose from. The price of the shoes really depends on its quality. Most people really choose shoes that were made up of high quality materials. Rich people will not only look for the best quality but they will definitely choose the brands that are famous and known to be expensive. You will really have an assurance that you are choosing the best shoes if you will buy those expensive shoes. Here are the following top 10 most expensive shoes that you cannot buy if you have a tight budget.


10. Salvatore Ferragamo

This Python Loafer from Salvatore Ferragamo will really make men look so elegant and husband. This is actually one of the most expensive men’s shoes in the world. Python Loafer is not just an ordinary shoe since not all men can wear it. This is a very expensive shoe that reaches up to $985. This is really one of the best pair of shoes in the world.


9. Barker Black

There are so many different styles of shoes that are displayed everywhere but not all of them can be compared with this Ostrich Cap Toe of Barker Black. This is really one of the elegant shoes that men ever wanted. You cannot just see this shoes everywhere since this is a special kind of shoe, thus this is one of the most expensive shoes in the world that reaches up to $975.


8. GJ Cleverley & Co. 

When men shop for shoes, it is really better that they will check out all the designs and styles made by GJ Cleverley & Co. Any styles in this brand are all nice and pretty. Men will surely like the small laces of this shoe that makes it looks clean and slick. You cannot really have this brand of shoes unless you have $995.


7. Edward Green

The Dover Split Toe from Edward Green is one of the most favorite shoes of men. It will surely help you looks so elegant and very sophisticated. You can only see these shoes among rich men since this is actually very expensive. The toe seam of these shoes are made with pig’s bristle, thus it really makes it looks so classy. In fact, the price is also very classy that reaches up to $1,075.


6. Martin Dingman

Are you having a hard time looking for the best shoes that really suites you and to your personality? Well, this is not really a problem since there lots of classy shoes that you can have in Martin Dingman. The Crocodile Arlo is actually one of the best shoes that they had, thus not just ordinary men can buy it. The price of the shoes is actually $1,195 that is why it is recorded as one of the most expensive shoes in the world. This kind of shoe really brings luck to men.


5. Tanino Crisci

You can never say no with this kind of shoes. Tanino Crisci is actually one of the most expensive shoes in the world. Most men really wish to have this kind of shoes. The Lilian style is really one of the best, thus the price is also very significant. It actually reaches up to $1,250 and this price is really hard to pay if you are in tight budget.


4. John Lobb

When you are looking for the best shoes for your husband or for your boyfriend, make sure that they will love it. John Lobb is one of the brands that sell a number of elegant shoes that really suites to men, especially the Jonh Lobb 2005. The shoes in this section are not just any shoes since these shoes are one of the most expensive shoes in the world. John Lobb 2005 will is actually $1,280.



3. A. Testoni

You cannot really believe that most men are actually very choosy than those ladies that you see around. Men really choose that right shoes for them. Aside from that, they will also see to it that those shoes will really suite to their personality. Rich men prefer to wear this A. Testoni shoes since these are one of the most expensive shoes in the world, especially the Norvegese style.



2. New & Lingwood

This brand of shoes offers the best kind of styles and designs of shoes. You can never see shoes that are not classy and elegant to look at. This New & Lingwood was founded in 1865 and according to Forbes, the leather is “cured in baths of rye, oat flour and yeast, hand-finished and soaked in wood liquor”. The Russian Calf Shoes from this brand is actually one for the most expensive shoes in the world.


1. Berluti 

Most men really look so great with their shiny shoes. Not all shoes can really be as shiny as this Berluti, especially the Rapieces Reprises style. .Even if you are attracted with the shoes but does not have any $1,830, for sure, you cannot really have it. This is actually the most expensive shoes in the world. Only those men who can spend at least $1,830 for just a pair of shoe can wear it.

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