The Top Ten Worst Foods

People who want to lead a healthy life, must have to follow some rules. You have to avoid some items from your list which is not favorable to your health. Now-a-days sodium, fat and high calorie food are preparing to attract people. Though all these foods are testy, but they are highly unhealthy.

10. Soda

Average 10 teaspoon of sugar remain in a soda cane. A person might get pancreatic cancer due to drinking soda twice a week. It’s believed by the general people that diet soda can help them to loose their weight. But its absolutely wrong. Drinking lot of soda might causes obesity, its found by the study of the University of Texas Health Science Centre. Kidney problem, metabolic syndrome, cell damage, hangover, and reproductive problem are the other problems caused by drinking plenty of soda.

9. Potato Chips

Eating too many chips can lead to health problems.

When potato chips or french fries are baked or fried at high temperature, acrylamide might be formed. People from all ages love to eat chips because these are inexpensive and testy. But this testy food might causes great harm to you. Weigh gain, high blood pressure, low nutrition, high cholesterol these are the disastrous effect  of chips.

8 Frozen Meals

Frozen meals are harmful to health as they contain high level of fat but low calorie. They contain huge portion of salt to make the food tasty and long lasting. The process of making frozen meals is very unhealthy and natural food value might be hampered.

7. Margarine

Many of us consider margarine as healthy food which is alternative to butter. But the reality is its not healthy. It was reported by the Natural Health Hub Website that trans fat are found in margarine which elevate cholesterol and damage blood vessel walls.

6. Processed Meat

Colon cancer might be caused by processed meat as it is processed by smoking, curing, or salting. Obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes are the consequences of taking processed meat.

5. Excessive Ice Cream

Glucose, maltose, xylitol, saccharine, aspartame and lot of sugar are used in making ice cream which make its unhealthy for everyone. High cholesterol, diabetes might be caused by eating plenty of ice cream. If you want to live a healthy life, you must avoid ice cream.

4. Doughnuts

Though many people love t eat doughnuts, but it contains many unhealthy ingredients like sugar, trans fat, redefined flower which cause health problem like diabetes, heart attack, immune system weakened, worm infection these are the effect of eating doughnuts.

3. Low-Fat Foods

Many company label their high calorie, sugar and salty food as healthy and good food. But consumers should be careful at the time of choosing low-fat foods.

2. Club Sandwich

Club sandwich made with glazed ham, Swiss cheese, shredded pork which contains high calorie which needs to be avoided. Heart disease and obesity might be caused by these high calorie food.

1. Bacon

It’s a bad news for bacon lover that this delicious food might cause many health problem to them as it contains high level of sodium and calorie. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease might be caused by this unhealthy food.

To live a healthy and better life, one must have to avoid these foods.




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