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Top Ten 10 Most Useless Degrees

What do you think are the reasons that some people are having difficulty dealing with their lives or looking for great opportunities even if they are degree holders? There are some degree holders who really find it hard looking for a stable and high paying job because their degrees might not be so important in this busy world. The world needs competitive and excellent degree-holder employees. The world really needs people who can do better than what they know. Exploring new things would be the best thing that you should do if you are unlucky enough to pursue your degree. When you choose a degree, you should make sure that this is very relevant in this challenging world cause if not, it would definitely be useless. If you are in doubt with your degree, see the following whether your degree is included in the top 10 most useless degrees in this world.


10. Nutrition

You are actually the only one who is responsible for your own health, thus you do not need somebody who will make plans for your wellness. It’s not necessarily all the time that you need a nutritionist since you can actually decide for your own diet. Having a Nutrition degree would be useless at all if everyone is capable of planning their own diet and exercise.


9. Chemistry

There are a lot of categories that you can choose when you want to study chemistry. It is very important that you will take the four-year degree so that you will have an assurance that you will get farther than what you can expect because if you will just have a two-year degree, for sure it would really be useless. This only means that you will not be satisfied on what you will get from this degree.


8. Mechanical Engineering Technology  

This is such a tough and very challenging degree but still it is included in the most useless degrees. This would really be useless because this degree is not so in demand. There are actually a lot of professionals who are working as a mechanical engineer but they are not really happy with the benefits that they have from this kind of degree.


7. Music

Music is fun and very entertaining but if you make it as your degree, then, that would be a different story. You can stay and live with music but do not make it as your one and only savior  In fact, music degree is one of the useless degrees since you can actually be a musician even if you do not have this degree. It is a talent, thus you can still have it even if you are not a music degree holder.


6. Child And Family Studies

When you talk about family, it is true that there are some aspects that you do not really understand. Without a doubt, you really need some explanation about the things happening within your family. If this is the case it is not really a good reason for you to have Child and Family Studies since this degree will not really help you. This degree is really one of the most useless degrees that you should not take.


5. Fashion Design

Taking a Fashion Design degree is quite a waste of time and money because this is such a useless degree. If you want to be a fashion designer, then, you can start your career anytime you want because being a designer is already within you. You do not really need to take this degree, thus this degree is not really needed in the society today.


4. Advertising

Why do you think advertising is included in the list of most useless degrees? When you try to see, most people in the advertising are not really a degree holder in this field. These are the people who are naturally creative and are very resourceful. All you really need to do when you want to become part of the advertising team is to show what you’ve got. You need to be creative and very imaginative in order to become one of the best advertisers.


3. Agriculture

One of the most useless degrees to take is agriculture. If you want to be a farmer, you do not really need to take agriculture. This agriculture degree is not really relevant in this time because this generation needs more people who are up to technology. Agriculture is somewhat a field work that does not need one to be a degree holder; all it needs is being an industrious person.


2. Horticulture

For practical reasons, you do not need to waste your time and money taking some useless degrees. Include Horticulture in your list of useless degrees because this is not really so important this time. All you need is a degree that can provide you everything, thus giving you lot of opportunities in the future. In fact, there are only few people who become successful in this degree.


1. Journalism

You do not really need to take Journalism, instead get another degree that is very significant at this time. If you are not so satisfied with the degree that you have, then you can apply as a journalist. You can be a journalist even if you do not take any Journalism degree. In addition, Journalism is not really a high paid job and it is not actually a stable profession, it is just some kind of a hobby.


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